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Hailey Baldwin Just Previewed A New Makeup Product

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You get why we lost all of our chill when Hailey Baldwin announced her upcoming makeup collaboration with Modelco. I mean, this is the same girl who brought back the “Rachel” cut and made it work for 2016.

To push that point even further, we actually considered getting it, so you get why a makeup collab would make us freak out.

And we have virtually no other information about the collection other than it will include some sort of liquid lippie, Hailey is all about the sneak peeks. That means we have more info on yet another product, people! 

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Yesterday, Hailey previewed an incredibly glowy highlighter, showcasing it on her very own cheekbones. Highlighters are having a major moment right now, so this is a very smart move trend wise.

And while we haven’t tried it yet, Hailey’s version definitely looks magical. 

Details on the rest of the collection and release date are still nonexistent, but we are here for it regardless.

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